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The expectations of a server are on the prospective of the players the server has, i for one love feedback so please tell me, what do you want changed? This is still a developing site and we're working on it very hard. You can infer i am dedicated as my grades show i put school back before this haha. (not a good thing) Anyway here our my goals for the week and please leave comments on what you think or how i can improve our game to have more people.
*make donator button from paypal* (priority)
*work on more players* (priority)
*find a mod*
*comment on all your wonderfull mod apps* (haha)
*get a 100 votes on the vote page* (were at 11! keep voting people!)
*get better grades* (if my grades are not up, soon i will not be able to go on my computer therefor, no development from me. So i need to make this a priority even though i know im a procrastinator for homework and such fourth)

Little fun: wanna know my grades?
Progress Report
Jan 18, 2011

Language Arts 36.6 F
Social Studies 40.0 F
Teen Living Zandra Karvelot/ Ingrid Perez 98.3 A+
Pre-Algebra Mr. Acrea 66.7 D+
Science 7 Mr. Beckius
GPA 0.4
Yeah... It'll be up soon i promise haha i need all a's and b's to play the computer so...shit?

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