The Benifets of being donator

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The Benifets of being donator

Post  Meep on Tue Jan 18, 2011 7:07 am

As far as donations go,...DONATE ME YOUR MONEY...haha anyway no this forum is to explain the benifets of being a donate on the game of meeperscape. Now there are 5 advantages i can see clearly and please correct me if im wrong but here we go.

1. The advantage of donator is items, there is a donator island that people can reach with a shop this shop has staff of light, all spirit shields, barrows & dragon defender, Gilded d hide set, Zodiac Robes set, Donator cape, and every color halo. (my custom items i made ;D).

2. Donating Brings the server closer to its goal, how this is done is im paying currently i will not be rude, but i feel you guys should know the ammount im paying a month comes to roughly... 80-110 a month, im paying for a dedi for no lag and 24/7= 80 bucks, domain and hosting = 20, and then for coders half the time so really donations help out so much.

3. IT GETS MORE PEOPLE the more advantages we have over the other Servers Such as a dedi and a .com make us unique and stand out so we need to hold on to these things to get more players and more players equal economy, pking and more so yes we will need more players.

4. Personally i belive if you can donate you have dedication to this server, if not because credit card lost, or paypal hacked or something thats fine. But still try to contribute by advertising, but for those who can donate i would appresiate it and so would your server if you've made the decission to make your home:).

5. It improves your role as a player and i can look as u as a step up here are how i look at players,
1. Owner/Admins
2. Mods
3. Donators
4. Players
Now i care about my players more then my admins and staff and my self (sorry 3oh3 and fatal and hate haha) but again it makes me look at you a step up (closer to number 2 and 1, if you get what i mean haha)

So those are what i think are the benifets of being admin and i forgot to mention were releasing new commands today, er tommorow so please look into that
Have a great day everyone - Meep

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Post  pascals123 on Sat Jan 29, 2011 2:00 pm

this shop ?? the items tradeable because if so we might have a problem


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