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Post  FATAL on Fri Jan 21, 2011 2:49 pm

It has recently came to my attention that quite a few people have been caught useing bombs. Today i come on my *nub* account and see a person with no cliped items which i quickly loged on to my main account *fatal* and start asking how did you come arcoss them items first he said what are you talking about i dont understand??? after i get the point to him he finnally admits to him useing bombs and *no cliping* them items, after i tell him alright im need you to log off for 60secounds for i need to check your account..... seein how he would not give me the items and begs for me to let him keep them. i go on there and remove it then the play came back on and started training and says sorry and told me it wont happen again, i then see a player no cliping outside of ::Agility and just asking for me to ban/jail him, or more so looking for attention..i let him no alright for real.. he was like sorrie i let him off with a warning and then i go on teamspeak and someone shows me a picture of another person who was no cliping..... Evil or Very Mad guys bombs isnt fair and dont be useing it for i will not hold back on banning/jailing people for it, bombs is rule breaking which isnt allowed we have reason why there are some things blocked off for a reason to make it a better game and fair, Very Happy and it isnt good when new players come on here also seeing you and you telling people how to use it and showing them step by step it really upsets me.. now anyways stop useing bombs, because i truely dont like banning people but it has gone to far and i am going to have to do whatever it is to stop this from happening =/ and i will not list those of you who i seen or caught, for you alright know who you are, and also i dont want you to be looked down apon by others for doing such a thing.. Evil or Very Mad


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