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Main for Staff Position

Post  beast on Fri Feb 11, 2011 10:51 pm

My in game name is: Main
I want to be mod because: I can help the server and the players.
I'm best suited for mod because: I am friendly and helpful and do my best to make this server successful.
What makes me unique over the other players trying for a staff role is:They might not have as much experience with rsps's as I do.
I Like meeperscape because:The staff is really nice, the server is good, and the customs are awesome.
My info is: Live in the U.S., play ice hockey frequently.
I'm applying for role:In-game Mod
Meeper knows me from:Yanille and another server (forget the name).
Age: 15 almost 16
I can contribute to the server by:Regulating players that are out of line, can contribute with my wast knowledge of rsps's and of Runescape, getting people from other servers, advertising on other servers, etc.
How much you'll be on the server a day or week:Atleast 3 hours daily.
If your playing any other servers: The one and only Meeperscape.
If your on team-speak:Nope, but I'll try it.

Thanks for your time, hope you consider me.


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