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Post  owennol on Thu Feb 24, 2011 9:44 pm

My in game name is:owennol123
I want to be mod because:so i can make the sever a better place and help others out
I'm best suited for mod because: im kind i help other people out i give people free
What makes me unique over the other players trying for a staff role is: seriously i dont know
I Like meeperscape because: its a good server
My info is: age 14 i live in au nsw
I'm applying for role: pmod/admin
Meeper knows me from: nowhere but maybe game
I can contribute to the server by: helping people when they dont know where to go
How much you'll be on the server a day or week: as much as i can
If your playing any other servers: i some times play yanilescape but not much
If your on team-speak: im not


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