my mod app/admin app by in-game user:money to pk

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my mod app/admin app by in-game user:money to pk

Post  money to pk on Sat Mar 05, 2011 1:01 am

question1:how long have u been playing runescape private servers:well ive been playing prive severs for about 3 years now and i played runesape fer little to.

question2:what do you plan on doing to help our server?:well i will help the server by helping players and i might donate in the future/i can help new players.

question3:will u be honest and respectfull to staff:yes ive been honest and respectful the time that i play this server and i will until i stop.

question4:do u plan on donating to this server in future?:yes when i put money on new paypal.

question5:why do you think you have what takes to become a moderater?:i think i have what it takes to become a mod becuase im good with helping players and im nice also i think i will do good job and im respectfull to staff.

question6:would you tret the players with respect?:yes bexuase i think everyone should be treated with respect an im nice to playes.

question7:what is your in-game username?:money to pk.

thanks i hope you look at it please comment :p.

money to pk

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Post  Wes The Nes on Mon Mar 07, 2011 6:26 pm

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