Aquadian's Mod/Admin Application

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Aquadian's Mod/Admin Application

Post  Aquadian on Mon Feb 21, 2011 12:43 am

1. My in game name is Aquadian
2. I want to be a Mod because someone recently hacked Meeperscape and I know Meep needs help
3. I'm best suited for Mod because I legitimately care about the website and will do all I can to help it and it's players
4. What makes me unique is I currently own adobe photoshop(great for graphics $1500) and adobe after effects(great for videos etc. $1500)
5. I like Meeperscape because Meep worked hard to bring it together I honestly think it is one of the best servers out there
6. Info: Great at creating picture graphics/videos
7. I'm applying for the role of Moderator/Admin whichever Meep thinks fits best for me
8. Meeperscape.
9. 13 years
10. I can contribute by helping in game, advertising, Graphical design, promotional videos, etc.
11. When busy i can get on 7 days a week XD
12. I used to play, lvl 138 maxed stats. I still own the account but I get on rarely to never
13. Signing up on Teamspeak ASAP will edit once I'm signed up.


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