can i be mod/admin ? :P

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can i be mod/admin ? :P

Post  hooper on Tue Mar 22, 2011 2:22 pm

My in game name is: hooper.

I want to be mod because:well ive played server's been mod on loads but server down 24/7 on them so i quit them and i would like to try this server ive been told it is a good server and i like to help people and i dont abuse mod or admin commands.

I'm best suited for mod because: i like to help player's if they need help and don't abuse command's.
What makes me unique over the other players trying for a staff role is: most player's will abuse command's i wont and abuse players!

I Like meeperscape because:it is a realy fun server nice people on this server and staff.

My info is: im 15 live in south wales (united kingdom) born on 13/3/1996.

I'm applying for role: mod or admin if possible.

Meeper knows me from:i dont think he know's me yet.

Age: my age is 15.

I can contribute to the server by: advertising on differnt server's and voteing everyday.

How much you'll be on the server a day or week:ill be on this server sunday-thursday from 16:30-22:30 and from firday and saturday ill be on until i fall asleep.

If your playing any other servers:i only play rs7 but thats getting boring so i gave my acc away and joined this.

If your on team-speak: I am not on team-speak.
If i can contribute with donations to the server: yes i would contribute donating to this server.

Have any coding experience:i have no experience on codeing sorry.

Play MeeperScape World 1 and 2:i play world 1 mainly only go on world to just to check it.

Why you want to be the staff role your positioning for:i would like to be a staff because it give's me something to do and i will be realy helpful.


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